The Mediator

That Kerry’s birthday falls on the most romantic day of the year sucks. That she’s set up on a date with both an angel and a demon sucks worse. But she’s about to discover that being trapped between good and evil makes for one hell of a good time.

Mike and Cal, angel and demon, are reluctant business partners. To help them get along, Cupid sends a mediator called Kerry, but rather than working on a truce, the guys are soon locked in a different battle, this time over Kerry’s smoking curves.

Explicit sex scenes, DP, and strong language.

Candace Laville has a unique voice that makes this scorching novella burn brighter than the rest. If you’re after a short and entertaining read you won’t quickly forget, this is the novella to get.” ~ Carmen Fox, Author of The Silverton Chronicles and the Champions of Elonia series



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  1. something that made me smile, my son got up before me, took the trash to the curb, fed the dogs AND made me coffee!!! when i asked him why, he said, just cause!


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